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4 Unique things to do in Mauritius

Step away from the beach and try something unique on your holiday to Mauritius.


4 Unique things to do in Mauritius


Formed over eight million years ago by volcanic activity, Mauritius is an island of rugged landscapes, multicultural traditions, and thrilling activities. There is so much more on offer than just sun, sand and sea - so step beyond the beautiful beaches and open your eyes to a treasure trove of temples, botanical gardens, and tantalising dishes with our guide on 4 unique things to do in Mauritius. 

Walk back in time 

Mauritius has a colourful history, the changing roles of power and cultures have left behind an imprint on the architecture and destination identity. Some of the best things to do in Mauritius include discovering the historical backbone of the destination first-hand. 

For a unique thing to do in Mauritius, gain an insight into Mauritian history at one of the must-sees on the island the UNESCO World Heritage site Aapravasi Ghat where the labourers, who came to work after the abolition of slavery first landed almost 200 years ago. It's here where you can learn the fascinating history and discover how life was for the half a million immigrants during the 19th and 20th century.  

Or take a step back in time on a historic excursion and explore Creole houses before soaking up the colonial era with a tour of a sugar plantation. 

Dive into an underwater world 

Encircled by a protective reef, the waters surrounding offer plenty of different things to do above and below the water. For something unique to do in Mauritius, take a submarine ride or underwater walk or go scuba diving for an up close encounter with coral reefs, colourful fish and even shipwrecks. 

Top tip - The best snorkelling spot is Blue Bay Marine Park where the clearest waters can be found from November to April. Whereas if diving is more your thing, a stay at Victoria Beachcomber would be best, as that puts you right in the heart of the best diving spots. 

Immerse yourself in local culture 

Discover another side of Mauritius as you meet the friendly locals and discover their way of life. There are plenty of unique things to do in Mauritius centered around the rich culture of the island. 

A multicultural melting pot of cultures from Africa and China to Europe and India, Mauritius is a destination of many traditions and religions. At our Beachcomber Hotels we offer you the chance to move your body to the traditional music of the island - 'Chega' or 'Tchega' which has strong roots to the history of slavery and has over time developed to celebrate Mauritian identity and blend of cultural influences. 

Step outside of the resorts, however, and you can explore French colonial houses, the spiritual sacred crater Grand Bassin and wander through vibrant markets sampling tasty street food such as gato pima (chilli cakes) and merveille (crispy tortilla with tamarind sauce). There's even a new island drink to try - Thirsty Fox which is a rum flavoured with cinnamon or lychee. Enhance your holiday and embark on the melting pot excursion where you can even sample Creole-style home cooking.  

And time your visit right and you could witness the colourful celebrations that take place across the island every March to mark Mauritian independence. 

Embrace your active side 

Trekking, paddleboarding, parasailing, horseback riding - who would have thought that such a small island could pack so many activities into it? Famed for its beautiful scenery, Mauritius is also a playground for visitors in search or thrill. 

For a truly unique thing to do during your stay in Mauritius, get your walking boots on and head up the majestic Le Morne Brabant. Not only is the view from the top spectacular - including the chance to appreciate a unique underwater waterfall (an optical illusion created by the unique Mauritian geology), the UNESCO World Heritage site Le Morne Brabant also has a historical past. During the 19th Century, slaves took refuge on the mountain with it later becoming a symbol of freedom and hope - if you choose to hike up Le Morne on your honeymoon the guide will fill you in on the legends that lie behind the landscape - be sure to set aside 3 - 4 hours for this hike. 

Take to the longest zip line in the Indian Ocean, go quad biking through the charming tea plantations or enjoy a helicopter ride for a bird's eye view of the island. Or explore the Black River Gorges - the best national park in Mauritius. Not only are the landscapes magnificent but there are plenty of endemic plants and animals including the pink pigeon. Of course, no visit to this area is complete without viewing the stunning Tamarind waterfalls. 

Our Beachcomber Hotels in Mauritius offer a diverse selection of complimentary land and water sports, unique sports to do in Mauritius include kite surfing, with Le Morne gaining a world reputation for being one of the best spots to master the waves.  

Keen to try something unique on your holiday to Mauritius? For more unique things to do in Mauritius search 'Mauritius' on our blog and speak to our friendly reservation team for more top tips and advice about this incredible Indian Ocean destination.