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A day in the life of a Kids Club Supervisor

Family holidays are non-stop fun in Mauritius as the Kids Club Supervisor Korine at Canonnier Beachcomber shares.


A day in the life of a Kids Club Supervisor


Friendly locals, shallow lagoons, safe beaches and no jet lag to worry about, Mauritius is a fantastic destination for families looking to discover their own slice of Indian Ocean paradise. Korine the Kids Club Supervisor at Canonnier Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa invites you to discover the amazing learning process that awaits young guests on their Mauritius family holiday at the complimentary safari tent inspired kids club...

Offering an escape from the hustle and bustle, this magical setting is located around a palm-fringed beach area designed to be a fun, sporty and playful hideaway for the young guests at the resort. 

Having first started at the Kids Club ten years ago, Korine has transformed her love of children into her dream job and she puts all of her "energy, heart and soul" into ensuring the kids' wellbeing and development. Typically each day starts by providing a safe and healthy environment is maintained, she achieves this by "monitoring staffing levels and ensuring toys are cleaned daily." The rallying morning cry of "Auntie, what are we doing today?" begins as the children excitedly run into the camp, Korine says it's their boundless enthusiasm that carries her through the day. 

From a young age, Korine knew she wanted to work with children "I feel very at ease with children; it comes very naturally." Promoted to Supervisor a year ago, Korine leads a team of six at the Kids Club where they welcome 30 children aged between 3 and 11 years old every day and up to 60 during the high season. Interacting with children throughout the day, Korine and her team of artisans witness "so many smiles and wonderful firsts, seeing their happiness and being part of their amazing learning process is a real highlight." 

Renowned as one of the most appealing Kids Clubs in Mauritius, the four themed Bushtec tents, large playground and cabana perched in a filao tree creates a "magical" African inspired setting that allows children to get "lost in their own jungle full of adventure and imagination."

Whilst parents enjoy precious time together, children are entertained with a diverse and exciting range of activities from archery and mini-golf to sega classes and face painting. Korine and her team never stop inventing creative games for the children and the fun, engaging environment gives children the opportunity to "interact with kids from different backgrounds and cultures, which helps them to grow and blossom." This also ensures the kids develop mutual respect and understanding for others at a young age.

All activities at the Kids Club have a strong focus on teaching the children about the nature of the island. Recently a small vegetable garden was set up and young guests are invited to learn how to sow and nurture plants "children learn to understand the nature of Mauritius, so they can take care to protect it.

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