A day in the life of a Spa Manager

We all need time to slow down, unwind and take a break from our fast-paced and hectic lifestyles and where better to do so than at one of our stunning spas. So, to celebrate National Relaxation Day on 15th August we asked Shirley, the spa manager at Shandrani Beachcomber Resort & Spa how she got where she is today, what makes the Shandrani Spa Beachcomber special and what a day in the life of a spa manager involves. 

What attracted you to the role of Spa Manager and how did you get into the industry? 

 "I started as a hairdresser in 2000 at the Spa of Paradis Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa, then in 2002 I undertook training to become a Beauty Therapist and Spa Therapist. Along the years, I moved on to a supervisory level and then I was promoted to Assistant Spa Manager in 2005. 

In 2017, Shandrani Beachcomber was looking for a Spa Manager and I decided to apply. I had the privilege of being selected for the post. At the same time, the new Beachcomber Spa concept by Santayarea was being introduced. This triggered new challenges including the launch of the new Beachcomber product line, the Be Beautiful Collection which harnesses natural ingredients. Along with adopting a discerning approach to spa treatments, the new concept meant identifying clients needs right from initial contact to tailor a treatment plan based on five elements" 

What do you love most about working at the Shandrani Spa Beachcomber? 

"Feeling welcomed as the new Spa Manager, having my whole Spa team behind me and the support of the management team." 

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

"When guest's expectations are exceeded and I hear them praise the team for their skills and service. And of course, meeting the financial targets that have been set." 

What is your favourite treatment and why?

"Thai is one of my favourite treatments because it enables you to experience the flexibility and strength of the therapists in their movements and how they bring a dynamic physical experience to promote a remarkable sense of unity with their guest. It is a highly beneficial treatment, which leaves you extraordinarily relaxed and free from tension." 

How would you describe a typical working day at the spa? 

"My day starts by checking the bookings of the day followed by the daily greeting and briefing of my team, this gives me the opportunity to motivate them for the day and listen to their comments or suggestions. I then do a quick spot check of the premises before the official opening time, afterwards I meet with my head therapists and senior beauticians to check the stock levels of products and linen. I then move onto carrying out other important administrative duties before coordinating the spa's training needs with our Training Manager. Throughout the day I take time out from my other duties to meet guests, receive their feedback and ensure they are having a good experience." 

Finally, what do you think makes Shandrani Spa Beachcomber different to any other spa in Mauritius?

"The layout of the spa at Shandrani Beachcomber is a haven of well being, set within a beautiful garden with private treatment rooms resembling reed huts, amidst lush tropical surroundings. From the moment you walk in, our skilled therapists devote themselves to your well being using their expertise which is regularly updated through high quality on-going training." 

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