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As My Husband Calls It - Embellishment

A trip to Paradis Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa creates lifelong memories.


As My Husband Calls It - Embellishment!


They may not always be the most beautiful or the most luxurious but they create an experience that makes you smile when you think of them and they leave you yearning for the day you can return. The Paradis Hotel & Golf Club in Mauritius is one of those hotels.

I arrive in Mauritius and instantly feel relaxed. The airport is spacious, light and most of all quick.  Within a short time, I am sitting in the back seat of my transfer being driven though the picturesque villages and sugar plantations of Southern Mauritius. It is a fairly hypnotic journey but then I recognise that hairpin bend between Le Morne and Baie du Cap –  Macondé. There is a viewing platform here from where you can see vast swathes of the Indian Ocean but more importantly, it is the precursor to your imminent arrival at Paradis. I immediately sit up and take notice of the rest of the journey furtively looking for my first site of that magnificent mountain, Le Morne, a UNESCO world heritage site. It serves as a stunning backdrop to Paradis and Dinarobin which meander along the coastline of the Le Morne peninsula. As we drive through the gates of the resort it feels like coming home and the staff welcome me as if I have. 

Welcome drink in hand, the sun on my face and the sweet scent of vanilla and patchouli drifting through the reception, I feel blessed to be back. After completing the usual formalities, I leave the porter with my luggage and attend to something much more important, lunch! There is no doubt in my mind where this will be. Looking out at the bay from my privileged position in the Blue Marlin restaurant, the water sparkles in the midday sun. The fishing boats bob up and down on the ripples as the water-skiers glide passed, people stroll along the golden beach beside me and lush green mountains seem almost framed by the azure sky.  I order my palm heart salad and smoked marlin and a glass of something bubbly from my cheerful waiter and sigh. Heaven!