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Banish the January Blues

Brush off the cobwebs and leave the cold winter weather behind to discover your next adventure.

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Banish the January Blues


As the dark nights continue and the festive season of cheer feels like a distant memory, its not hard to see why we all experience a case of the January blues this time of the year. Blue Monday, the third Monday of January is known by scientists as the most depressing day of the year, don't worry though we know now is the perfect time to start a New Year's resolution that you can actually keep - travel more! 

Take a look at our top suggestions for where to visit in the world to help banish the January blues...

Experience a wellness retreat in Mauritius 

Where: Canonnier Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa 

Looking to escape the pressures of everyday life? Travel is the perfect antidote to stress, be sure to take time to banish the January blues with a wellness retreat at Canonnier Beachcomber. Nestled in the branches of an ancient banyan tree the spa is an authentic tropical hideaway that will instantly lower your stress levels, reduce anxiety and boost your mood. 

Indulge your senses with a soothing massage within one of the small tree house treatment cabins to truly unwind from daily routines and clear your mind. As your stress and aches are eased away, this spa will take your wellbeing to new heights and have you returning home feeling fresh and renewed. 

Boost your mood in Abu Dhabi 

Where: Abu Dhabi 

If you are struggling to banish the January blues, travel really is the perfect solution, visit Abu Dhabi and immerse yourself in the thrilling F1 event and action-packed water parks to create happy memories whatever your age!

A captivating city of contrasts, a holiday to Abu Dhabi will help bring a smile to your face and banish the January blues. Gaze in wonder at the mesmerising Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque where the 24-carat gold-gilded chandeliers will take your breath away! Test your nerve on the Jebel Drop at Yas Waterworld for a refreshing way to cool down after a day in the Arabian sun or get your adrenaline pumping with a spin on the world's fastest rollercoaster at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. 

Treat your taste buds in Morocco 

Where: Morocco 

Undoubtedly one of the best experiences you can have when on holiday is immersing yourself in a new culture and treating your taste buds to cuisine you haven't tried before. Why not dive in between the locals and meet small merchants, hawkers and entertainers at Djemaa El Fna square or explore the intriguing Atlas Mountains and create meaningful connections with local people in the mud-thatched Berber villages. And for a real sensory overload of scents, sights and noise you won't want to miss visiting the tanneries and vibrant souks to haggle for high quality goods with the merchants, something to take home as a memento for your special day. 

Travelling not only increases your connection to others, it develops long lasting memories and provides you with the chance to make new friends across the world. If you are struggling to banish the January blues a holiday to Morocco is the ideal way to increase your creativity and expose you to a new culture that's very different to your life back at home. 

Discover a new perspective in Dubai 

Where: Dubai 

We aren't surprised that Tripadvisor Travellers voted the Burj Khalifa one of the top landmarks to visit in the world, when you ascend to the top of this glistening skyscraper you'll see why. The world's tallest building offers you a whole new perspective of the world, you can opt to tuck into a opulent afternoon tea or just admire the sparkling city views and dazzling dancing fountains from above. 

Travel broadens your mind and your new surroundings will increase your memory and concentration levels all of which are great ways to banish the January blues. Get your adrenaline pumping with an exhilarating 4x4 jeep safari or fast paced sandboarding adventure down the desert dunes. Or unleash your inner daredevil as you zoom down the vertical Leap of Faith at the famous Aquaventure Water Park - we defy anyone to leave without a smile on their face. 

Go on an adventure in the Seychelles 

Where: the Seychelles 

The Seychelles although renowned for its beautiful white sandy beaches and year-round tropical weather, the islands are also a nature lovers' paradise and an adrenaline junkies playground. As one of the most bio-diverse destinations in the world and home to exotic flora and fauna, visiting these paradise islands offers adventure and encounters with nature which are guaranteed to banish the January blues. 

Increasingly so its apparent that spending time in nature makes us healthier and happier, take to the treetops and zipline across the diverse landscapes of the Seychelles in breath-taking fashion or experience the exhilaration of climbing natural granite rockfaces. If you are an animal lover the Seychelles won't disappoint, just a few sightings of turtles hatching or meeting giant tortoises will release positive endorphins that will help you banish the January blues and ultimately boost your mood. 

Create unforgettable memories

Travel enhances our lives, gives us the chance to meet new people, experience new cultures, learn a new language and boost our mood. The greatest hands-on education in the world, when you go on holiday your eyes are opened to political, historical and geographical knowledge that you just can't learn from any textbook! So whether you go on holiday with your partner, your friends or your family its the chance to escape your daily life, leave your stress and worries behind and create unforgettable memories that will last you a lifetime - now that really is a priceless way to banish the January blues and a New Year's resolution that's easy to keep! But the big question is which of the holiday destinations above would you like to visit next?

Keen to banish the January Blues and feeling inspired by any of the holiday ideas above? Give our reservation team a call to learn how you can book an unforgettable holiday.