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Family adventures in Mauritius


With safe beaches, shallow warm waters, friendly locals and no jet lag in sight, kids club holidays in Mauritius at our Beachcomber Hotels are truly special. The newly refurbished Canonnier Beachcomber has a new look complimentary Kids and Teens club and there's even a miniature golf course that little guests can enjoy playing on throughout their stay. 

Carla, our Intern shares with us memories from her Mauritius family holidays and how Canonnier Beachcomber will always hold a special place in her heart...

Mauritius is meant for family time 

Enjoying family holidays in Mauritius for 17 years, Carla visited Canonnier Beachcomber "for holidays with my family, my parent's friends and their kids who are the same age as myself and my sister." 

You'd be forgiven for thinking that family holidays in Mauritius are all about building sand castles and spending time in the pool. In reality there is so much to do at our Beachcomber Hotels that you and your children will never get bored with our kids club holidays. And there is lots to explore outside the resort as well, as Carla explains during every family holiday in Mauritius they would try to explore as much of the island as possible as it "is so beautiful and there are lots of things to discover." From exploring the geological delights in "Chamarel to sampling tea in the Bois Cheri region and visiting Casela" - the scenic nature park which is home to fruit bats, quad bikes, zip lines and much more! 

Carla recalls how one year they "went on a catamaran trip with some friends for two days." Which she remembers as "one of my best experiences in Mauritius." Although she found it hard to sleep on the boat the chance to go "snorkelling, see lots of vibrant fish and even some dolphins - was simply amazing." 

When it came to meal times, her family often went to "Navigator to admire the spectacular views of the beach and the surrounding islands." But there was always the option of choosing to eat with her new friends at the kids and teens club as well. 

Fun activities at the Kids Club 

With so many precious memories of days spent at the kids club at Canonnier Beachcomber, Carla reminiscences about her most fun experiences. Aged seven, Carla "took part in a fashion show, we wore clothes from the hotel shop and a make-up artist came to transform us into lions,tigers, butterflies and even fairies using brightly coloured face paints." The kids fashion show was accompanied by "music and watched by our parents - it was a lot of fun!

She says, "I loved going crab hunting in the evenings." Armed with big buckets "we would pick seashells at the same time." Of course, there were loads of activities to enjoy during the day at the Kids club from "t-shirt painting to games in the pool and boat excursions as well.

In fact the action packed schedule of activities at Canonnier Beachcomber offer something for every young guest to enjoy. From cultural Sega Dances and traditional Mauritian style picnics to story reading - the 'Be Local' activities are designed to give your children an insight into local life and traditions during their stay. There are also creative pursuits that your kids can enjoy with the 'Be Creative' activities such as carnival and handicraft college or they can even develop green fingers and learn to 'Be Eco' with gardening sessions. Of course with a vast array of complimentary land and water sports at the resort your little ones can 'Be Sporty' under the careful guidance of instructors. 

Making friends at the Teens Club 

Days at "the teens club were mostly focused on meeting people the same age as us. I am still in touch with some of them now." Enjoying activities "playing water polo together, enjoying beach volleyball and even learning how to water ski, taking aqua gym classes and playing tennis." 

Holding fond memories of the Artisans who work there, Carla says Perrine Ashley was always involved in "making sure everyone had a great experience." And gave everyone the chance to meet lots of people."

Unforgettable family memories 

The Kids and Teens club at Canonnier Beachcomber are special because of the level of care and enthusiasm the staff demonstrate "they are the nicest and most caring people I have ever met in my life, there are always smiling, always there for you. Each year I went back I had the chance to get to know them even better - they would never forget you.

"I love Canonnier because I have all my childhood memories there. The people are really nice and the arrangements and landscapes are idealistic - I can't wait to go back again.

Create unforgettable family memories at Canonnier Beachcomber that your little ones will cherish forever. Give our Reservation team a call and visit our family holiday pages to start planning how you will spend time together in paradise.