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Michelin dinners gourmet festival

Take a look at the seven Michelin star chefs who are heading to Paradis Beachcomber and Dinarobin Beachcomber.


Michelin dinners gourmet festival


Those staying at Paradis Beachcomber and Dinarobin Beachcomber are in for a real treat. As over the course of seven weeks from 3 January to 2 March 2020, seven Michelin star chefs will take over the Beachcomber kitchens and serve up tantalising dishes for guests during the 'Stars in Paradis' gourmet festival. 

A unique experience, the 'Stars in Paradis' gourmet festival will provide, Beachcomber chefs the opportunity to learn skills from Michelin star chefs, and give guests an exquisite dining experience in the tropical setting of Mauritius. 

We take a look at the seven 'Stars in Paradis' Michelin star chefs, who will work alongside Jean Christophe Basseau and Guillaume Bregreat - Paradis Beachcomber and Dinarobin Beachcomber's executive chefs to produce a unique encounter of Italian, Mediterranean, and French dishes alongside Mauritian flavours. 

Enrico Cerea 

The co-creator of the 'Stars in Paradis' concept, Enrico is a 3 Michelin star chef. He offers traditional Lombard dishes with an eastern twist whilst establishing a modern, inquisitive and open-minded approach. Enrico Cerea will be serving Michelin star dishes from 3 to 4 January 2020. 

Moreno Cedroni 

Famed for his eclectic, daring and experimental approach, Moreno Cedroni is a 2 Michelin star chef. His La Madonnina del Pescatore restaurant has even been named one of the top 10 destinations for seafood in Europe. He will be serving Michelin star dishes from 11 to 13 January 2020. 

Ronan Kervarrec 

Aiming to communicate emotion through his dishes, Ronan Kervarrec is a 2 Michelin star chef. Drawing on his childhood memories and the legacy of his father 'to do things right' this star chef, continues to combine technicality and creativity, to develop bold and sculptural dishes. Ronan will be serving in paradise from 25 to 27 January.

Antonella Ricci

A Mauritian native and one of Paul Bocuse's former students, Antonella Ricci has a wealth of experience and will be serving excellent dishes from 8 to 10 February. Working with her husband and partner Vinod, she brings her own traditions and experiences together with others from around the world. She will be serving traditional Italian dishes as well as popular offerings that blend Mauritian flavours with Puglian cuisine. 

Nino di Costanzo 

Earning his stripes under the guidance of industry greats, Nino di Costanzo has 2 Michelin stars and will be at the Beachcomber Hotels 22 to 24 February. His dishes are inspired by cuisine from his homeland in Ischia and Nino di Costanzo seeks to demonstrate that tradition can be revived with modern techniques and creativity. 

Luca Marchini 

Serving up tantalising delights from 29 February to 2 March, Luca Marchini is a 1 Michelin star Tuscan chef who grew up in Modena. His experimental cooking often reflects gourmet fairy-tales that are balanced, respectful and allow their raw ingredients to shine. 

Available to guests staying between 3 January to 2 March 2020 and offered at Blue Marlin and Unami restaurants as an additional £90 for one dinner and for two or more dinners, upgrade from half board at £80 per dinner per person. If you would like to add this to your existing booking with us please give our Reservation Team a call.