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One of the best dive sites in Mauritius

We ask Francois Besson for his best dive site in Mauritius and why.


One of the best dive sites in Mauritius


At Beachcomber we work closely with Diving World Mauritius to bring our guests the best and safest diving experience on the island. We recently asked Francois Besson, the director of Diving World Mauritius, what his favourite dive site on the island is and why. Here’s what he had to say with a couple of his own images.

Emilly and Waterlilly Wrecks, Mauritius. The YOGA Dive.

Over the past 25 years of being a Diving Instructor, many fellow divers have asked me what my favourite dive site in Mauritius is. Without any hesitation I would reply “my yoga dive”. This reply would definitely generate some form of curiosity and I illustrate the following to them. Emilly and Waterlilly Wrecks are two small Sugar Barges that were sunk to create artificial reefs in the early 80’s. They were sunk just off Trou aux Biches and lie in 25 metres of water. They are sunk about 10 meters apart on a sandy patch of sea bed. Nearly 40 years later I can say that they are the epitome of what an artificial reef should look like. This is not a very large dive site as the barges measure 12 meters in length. The fact that the dive site is small makes it a very interesting dive indeed as a multitude of critters, big and small, are found here. The close proximity of the Barges to any of the hotels situated in the North West makes it a quick 10 - 15 minute boat trip and the fact that here are no rivers in the vicinity, ensures that the water clarity is always pristine. The dive site is situated in the North West of the Island which is sheltered from the prevailing South Easterlies and there is never any current underwater. In short why I love this site: Loads of fish including some very rare sightings. No current, crystal clear waters, the perfect Yoga dive.

Francois Besson – Director at Diving World Mauritius.

It’s refreshing to know that Francois and his team have such a passion for not only what they do but in providing a fantastic diving experience for anyone who wishes to take the plunge. Discover more about our diving packages.