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Say I Do in Mauritius

Take a look at the legalities involved for getting married in Mauritius


Say I do in Mauritius


Perhaps you’ve dreamt of exchanging vows on the palm-fringed beaches of Mauritius but find yourself struggling to get to grips with the legalities involved with getting married abroad. Don’t fret we love talking about weddings and have helped over 300 couples happily tie the knot, in fact we’ve put together a guide to help solve your queries. So, you can enjoy a stress-free and memorable wedding from start to finish, saying I do in Mauritius is only a few simple steps away.

Before the big day...

Are there any legal requirements for a Mauritius wedding?

There are a few requirements to consider before planning a wedding in Mauritius. You must be aged 18 and over and not be related by blood or adoption to your chosen spouse-to-be. If the bride- to-be has been widowed or divorced in the last ten months, she will need a Mauritian Doctor’s certificate of non-pregnancy (There is a charge for the test and certificate which can be obtained in resort) if the result is positive, the wedding will not proceed.

We also recommend that you are in Mauritius for at least three working days before your wedding date, during this time we will book you appointments at the four different offices required by law to legalise your marriage. There will need to be two witnesses present during your ceremony, but the hotels will happily provide witnesses if necessary.

What documents do I need to supply before I leave for Mauritius?

When you book your wedding, you will need to return a signed copy of the Beachcomber Wedding Form and scanned copies of each of the following important documents at least 8 weeks in advance of the wedding date:

  • Birth certificates re-issued and dated within three months of your wedding date. Order new certificates online:  (We recommend that the Priority Service is used to receive your paperwork in time).
  • Passports valid for more than six months after your return date. 
  • Decree absolute (if divorced).
  • Deed Poll (if name has changed) issued by UK Deed Poll Office.
  • Death certificate and previous marriage certificate if widowed.
  • Adoption papers if applicable.
  • Where it isn’t possible to obtain a birth certificate, you should arrange to complete an Affidavit before traveling to Mauritius, this document must also be dated within three months of your wedding date.

If you aren’t a UK passport holder, documentation needs to be submitted to us three months prior to your arrival in Mauritius. Please check with your own Embassy for advice on how to obtain a new birth certificate and if they require any additional paperwork to be completed. Any non-English documentation must be translated into English and duly stamped by an official translator.

You will need to bring along original copies of the important documents listed above with you to Mauritius, excluding the Beachcomber Wedding Application form. 

Time to say I do…

Why is it important that we arrive three days before our wedding and are there any requirements we should meet to marry in Mauritius?

There are certain legalities and steps to follow to ensure your wedding is legalised and recognised both in Mauritius and the UK, we can help to make this as quick and stress-free as possible for you both. This is why we recommend arriving three working days before your wedding to settle in and give you time to travel to the required offices to grant your wedding. This will also give you time to meet with the wedding planner at the hotel who will work with you to plan your perfect day.

One or two days (depending on the hotel) before your wedding you will be met in reception (approx. 08:30) please ensure you have the original copies of all important documents with you and that you both follow a smart/casual dress code e.g. no shorts and arms should be covered. We will arrange a taxi to accompany you both to the pre-booked appointments at four different offices in Port Louis:

  • Civil Status main office: All original copies of your important documents will be checked over and authorisation for the wedding will be granted.
  • Attorney at law*: All original copies of your important documents will be checked and the affidavits will be prepared before they are sworn at the Supreme High Court of Mauritius.
  • Supreme High Court of Mauritius*: You will swear affidavits to confirm your marital status and explain you are free to marry.
  • Civil Status Sub Office: Here you will discuss the wedding time at vows with the civil status officer, this will complete the process and confirm the wedding ceremony.

*- Those who have birth certificates re-issued and dated within three months of the wedding date or your Affidavit already completed, there is no requirement to visit the Attorney at Law nor the Supreme High Court of Mauritius.

After all the legalities are out of the way, it’s time for you enjoy celebrating your special day, we’d advise you obtain additional copies of your marriage certificate to take home with you. (this will be at a small charge).

Arriving home…

Is our wedding legal in the UK?

All wedding ceremonies are conducted in English and carried out by a licensed marriage officer, the civil ceremony is similar to those conducted in the UK, so you can rest assured that your Mauritius wedding is completely legal and recognised by UK law.

All Non-British passport holders who are not part of the commonwealth need to have their marriage certificate stamped with an Apostille to authenticate it. Transport to the relevant offices to obtain the Apostille stamp will be required and will be at an additional charge.

Should you have any further queries we’d be happy to help, please do give our friendly travel experts a call and we can start planning your dream Mauritius wedding. Why not take a look at our Wedding Packages for more inspiration?