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Constance Ephelia, Seychelles

Discover the family facilities available at Constance Ephelia.

Seychelles Family Holidays

Family facilities at Constance Ephelia


The Seychelles is renowned as a stunning, romantic destination for loved-up couples, some getting married, many seeking the perfect idyllic place for a honeymoon or a once in a lifetime occasion. But what about families? Is there anything to keep the kids entertained and happy whilst their parents relax on the beautiful beaches? I wasn't sure, so as a granny to a busy, almost 2 year old, I was given the chance to visit Constance Ephelia. The resort is located on the main island, Mahe, and the transfer to the resort allowed me to see how lush the island is.

On arrival, I decided to hunt for exciting things for younger guests to do. My task ended up not being a hunt after all. Like many resorts, there is a kids club, but at Constance Ephelia, it was not just the usual activities (although favourites such as painting and sticking were being enjoyed). Until now, I had never heard of a club offering children the chance to feed giant tortoises – with one being over 100 years old. Children can also make pizzas, run relays or learn some gardening skills.

The Seychelles are the most eco-friendly islands I have ever experienced, and the dedication of staff to this cause is impressive. The children are encouraged to grow their own vegetables and herbs for the chef, play on locally sourced wooden climbing frames, and enjoy nature walks through the mangrove forest. For children over 8 years old, what could be more exciting than zip-lining through the forest or rock-climbing? This does cost extra, but children will return home with enviable memories of their holiday at Constance Ephelia. If the activities are too much for the younger kids, there is a cool car-shaped bed for an afternoon siesta.

Packing for a family holiday can be daunting. If you forget anything, Constance Ephelia have you covered. From beach toys to walkie talkies, kids snorkelling equipment, buggies and baby monitors, there is so much available. Don’t struggle squeezing inflatable unicorns in your case, the shop sells these too. No need to bring jars of baby food, as the chef makes the most delicious fresh purees.

For little ones spending the day with Mum and Dad (and Granny), there are beautiful beaches with soft powdery sand for paddling and watching the fish swim around their tiny toes. The resort offers these simple pleasures in abundance.

After an action-packed day, hungry kids and adults alike can enjoy the Cowboy buffet and live cooking stations, plus the pizza ovens are always in demand. All the excitement had worn me out too, and after a relaxing bubble bath, I fell into the comfiest bed and slept like a log!

For the best family holiday, I can now wholeheartedly recommend heading to Constance Ephelia in the Seychelles.