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Top 5 Desert experiences

Escape to a whole new world and try something unique on your holiday with one of our top 5 desert experiences.

Desert Holidays

Top 5 Desert Experiences


There aren't many places in the world where you can quite literally sleep under the stars, try a unique form of transport, or experience a whole new world. Spending time in the magnificent desert landscape offers you a vast array of desert experiences that will create everlasting memories from your holiday. But which one of our top 5 desert experiences will you try? 

Journey across the dunes 

Where: Dubai

Dune bashing is a desert experience you have most likely heard of, this highly popular and well-renowned activity is a form of off-roading which takes place in big 4X4 vehicles. Highly exhilarating, the vehicle travels at varying speeds over the golden dunes - we'd liken the sensation to riding a roller coaster in the middle of the desert (one desert activity to sit out off if you get motion sickness). But you'd be mistaken for thinking this is the only way to journey across the dunes, another popular Dubai desert experience is weaving through the trackless desert by Quad Bike. One thing is for sure whether you decide to go dune bashing or quad biking, its one journey across the dunes that you'll never forget. 

Dine at a traditional Berber camp

Where: Morocco

Ideal for those dreaming of a desert experience that offers a tranquil respite away from everyday life, traditional desert dining provides a real chance to get back to nature and dine under a sky full of stars. In some places, you might even find your desert dining experience accompanied by traditional Berber music or stories about local life.

Admire a glittering canopy of stars

Where: Oman

How often do you find time to just sit and watch the stars? If you live in a city or lead a busy lifestyle, it's rare that you will even have the chance to look up and see a glittering canopy of stars at nightfall. One of our favourite places to skygaze is in the desert, with little cloud cover and no light pollution you can enjoy a dazzling view of the night sky in Oman. Debby, our Direct Reservations Manager describes a desert experience as "a must! A truly magical addition to any Oman holiday.

Soak up the serene atmosphere in the Wahiba Sands where the grand dunes rise up to 200 metres high mixing sand colours of red and gold. During your stay at one of the luxury desert camps in our Oman collection take time to reflect with a sundowner by the campfire as you watch the sun fall to be replaced by shining stars. 

Master the dunes

Where: Abu Dhabi 

If you love the thrill of downhill sports and enjoy skiing or snowboarding a must try desert experience is sandboarding. This enthralling and nerve-racking activity, offers an adrenaline rush like no other, all you need to do is strap in, shift your weight and get ready to slide down the dunes. As the sun sets a magical evening awaits in some places you can even dine with the accompaniment of traditional Berber musicians or listen to local people share their stories and customs with you. 

Meet local wildlife 

Where: Ras Al Khaimah 

When you first think of a desert experience one of the first things that probably comes to mind is a camel ride across the golden sands, of course, the Al Wadi desert provides you with many opportunities to do just that - whether it be at dusk or dawn. But there are in fact plenty of other native wildlife species that you are likely to encounter during your stay in the desert. This nature lovers' paradise is home to Arabian Oryx, gazelles, geckos and hares all of which you'll be likely to encounter on a guided nature walk or dune drive safari (for those seeking a gentle alternative to dune bashing). Closer to the resorts you can witness the beauty of majestic falcons with an interactive show or take a bicycle bird watching tour. 

During your stay at The Ritz Carlton Al Wadi Desert you can join the Heritage Forest tree planting scheme desert experience, which encourages guests to help preserve the natural environment by planting native Ghaf trees. 

Looking to try a desert experience? Give our team a call or for more inspiration search 'Desert Holidays' on our blog.