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Maldives Holidays

With a warm tropical climate year-round, soft white sand and crystal clear lagoons and reefs, the Maldives provide the ultimate luxury island holiday.


Holidays in the Maldives

From private beach villas set in lush vegetation to the over water living with a private pool, there is an island and villa for both couples and families. Romance can be found in each atoll providing couples with the ultimate Robinson Crusoe experience. Children will find adventure, fun and learning under every stone and shell.

Dive into the water for a completely new world. Most resorts have a house reef where you can watch giant whale sharks float near the surface or discover the hypnotic dance of manta rays. Take a more relaxing submarine tour of the reef or experience an unforgettable underwater meal.

A holiday to the Maldives can be as adventurous as you want it to be. Discover local island life with a visit Malé and the Grand Friday Mosque or learn to cook a local Maldivian dish. But the Maldives can be a place to cast off your flip flops and simply do nothing.

Maldives Hotels and Resorts

The Maldives archipelago is home to some of the most stunning beach resorts.

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