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Welcome to Mauritius

The beautiful island of Mauritius is a safe year round destination with beautiful beaches, warm sunshine and outstanding Mauritian service.

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An exquisite emerald gem in the turquoise Indian Ocean, Mauritius offers crystal lagoons, palm-fringed beaches, verdant peaks and an exotic mix of cultures and cuisines. Once experienced, the charm of this spectacular island will stay with you forever.

Featured hotels

As the first hotel company in Mauritius the Beachcomber Hotels got the ‘first pick’ of some of the most stunning locations and prime beachfronts. All eight of our Mauritius hotels are designed to make the most of their magnificent surrounds ensuring you enjoy a holiday of a lifetime. What stands out most about the Beachcomber Hotels however is the staff themselves. ‘Artisans’ you might like to call them, are there to look after you from start to finish as only Beachcomber can.

Things to do in Mauritius

There's something for everyone in Mauritius - whether you're getting married, on honeymoon, celebrating a special occasion or just after the holiday of a lifetime, we can help.

Mauritius Family Holidays

Mauritius is a perfect family holiday destination

Mauritius Wedding Packages

Discover your dream wedding in Mauritius. We guarantee just one wedding a day.