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Diving in Mauritius

Mauritius offers excellent opportunities to go beneath the water to explore the fantastic reefs that surround the island. There are also a few wreck sites to explore in this underwater labyrinth.

Things to do in Mauritius


Diving in Mauritius

If you are a very keen diver you'll have gathered from your research that diving in Mauritius may not be in the same league as the Egyptian Red Sea, Australia's Great Barrier Reef or diving around Polynesia but does offer great diving with the added benefit of luxurious resorts on dry land. Diving in Mauritius is year round although the best months are November through to March when the water temperature is warmer and visibility is at its best. It is also worth remembering that the west coast is generally warmer in the water and on dry land than the east coast. Water temperatures vary throughout the year between 22C to 28C. All of our Mauritius hotels offer excellent PADI dive centres.

Snorkelling in Mauritius

With warm, safe waters Mauritius offers good opportunities for snorkelling. Whilst all of the Beachcomber hotels in Mauritius offer free snorkelling trips for guests, we still do recommend you take your own equipment. For the best snorkelling spots have a chat with the dive team as they will be able to give you an insiders guide to the best spots.

For further details on our Mauritius holidays and choice of resorts have a look at our Mauritius section.

Things to do in Mauritius

There's something for everyone in Mauritius - whether you're getting married, on honeymoon, celebrating a special occasion or just after the holiday of a lifetime, we can help.

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Mauritius is a perfect family holiday destination

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