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Sightseeing & Excursions

With so many sights to see - there is something to delight everyone, from natural wonders and cultural sights to thrilling activities.

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Holidays in Oman

Sightseeing & Excursions

Oman is the perfect destination for experiential travellers, luxury travel devotees, culture seekers, and adventurous individuals. In fact, the cultural sights, natural wonders, and thrilling activities are endless. We know how difficult it can be to know where to start though, so here we share some of our favourite excursions and must-see attractions for your holiday to Oman. 


Cultural Sights

Experience the best of Oman's captivating culture

Wander the winding narrow streets of Mutrah Souq - the oldest souq in Oman to hunt for souvenirs. Or take a tour of the Royal Opera House and you'll be dazzled by the intricate marble exteriors and delicately carved Arabic wood interiors. No visit to Muscat would be complete without admiring the hand-loomed Persian carpet and Swarovski crystal chandeliers at the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. But if you are looking to uncover the Omani customs and get to know more, about this captivating country, the Bait Al Zubair museum has a great collection of traditional Omani artefacts. 

Set your alarm and head to Nizwa early, to watch local farmers gather to auction livestock at the famous Friday market, and try the local delicacy of seasoned dates. And before you leave this ancient city behind, head to the oldest fort in Oman to learn about the fascinating and gruesome tactics used to protect the area from invasion.  

Stay in Salalah and you'll have many archaeological attractions to explore, including the UNESCO World Heritage site - Al Baleed. It's here that you can see the ongoing excavations and the frankincense museum a fascinating way to get your culture fix.

Natural Wonders

Uncover beautiful beaches, grand canyons and sweeping deserts

As the rest of Oman bathes in the scorching summer heat (July-August), head to Salalah for the Khareef festival to celebrate the monsoon season and admire the lush green scenery - a real contrast to the rest of Oman. Visit the picturesque Al Mughsail beach, and you can catch sight of waves thundering through natural blowholes.

Take the 45-minute boat trip from Marina Al Mouj, grab your snorkel and dive into the crystal-clear turquoise waters to experience an unforgettable swim with turtles in the around the Dimaniyat Island Nature Reserve. Or escape the heat of Oman's cities and take the zig-zagging roads towards the tranquil Jebel Akhdar region. Here you can soak up the serene atmosphere and fully immerse yourself in the exceptional beauty of this region. We'd recommend starting your day in the mountains with a sunrise yoga session or hiking around Jabal Shams - Oman's highest peak. 

Admire the treasures of the night sky, and learn about different constellations, as you peek through the lens of a telescope with a magical stargazing session in Wahiba Sands

Adrenaline Activities

Swap the city sights and indulge your inner thrill seeker

Just two hours out of Muscat, jump into a 4x4 and follow the winding roads towards Jebel Akhdar where a world of thrilling mountain adventures await. If you are keen to keep active, try one of the hiking trails or gorge walks. Those who are feeling more daring will love the chance to head into the heart of the canyon with a rock climbing or zip-line adventure. 

Take an off-roading trip down the mountains and through the wadis to admire the every changing landscape of lunar-like plateaus and towering limestone mountains. 

For a real Lawrence of Arabia experience, head south to the golden expanse of desert, the Wahiba Sands. Master the art of sandboarding and try desert dune bashing - an experience you'll never forget!




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