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The important facts to note for your Oman holiday

Holidays in Oman

Useful Information


Oman enjoys year-round sunshine and low rainfall. The months of October to April are considered the best time to visit Oman, as humidity is at its lowest. The summer months of June to August are humid and hot. Temperatures in Oman reach up to 35C in winter and 40C in summer. 

The summer months may not be the best time to visit Oman, if you are looking to visit the Wahiba Sands or explore the city sights, with high temperatures and humidity during the months of June to August. If you are keen to visit during these months, try to arrange any sightseeing plans outside of the main heat of the day or during the evenings. 

The best time to visit Oman is between October and April, when humidity is low but temperatures are at a more pleasant level. This is also the best time to visit Oman to see the rose and pomegranate season in the Hajar mountains. 

Language and culture 

The official language of the UAE is Arabic, but English is widely spoken and understood. Tourists are encouraged to respect the Muslim culture and follow ethical and modest dressing which includes women covering shoulders and knees in public. 

During the religious time of Muslim reflection, Ramadan sees practising individuals fast from sunrise to sunset. This creates a more subdued daytime atmosphere and a lively evening vibe. Shorter opening hours for restaurants, shops and attractions can be expected in Oman and its particularly important to dress conservatively throughout this religious period. Opt for loose-fitting modest clothing and greet locals with "Ramadan kareem" (have a blessed Ramadan). 

Currency and time difference 

The monetary unit is Omani Rial. It's worth buying currency in advance. However, you will have plenty of opportunities to change currency when and if you need it. All major international credit cards are generally accepted but smaller shops and restaurants, prefer to deal in cash. 

The local time is GMT +3 hours.

Holiday visas

British citizens staying up to 14 days in Oman no longer require a visa, provided you have a return ticket, pre booked hotel accommodation and health/travel insurance.

If you plan to stay more that 14 days, you will require a visa for entry into Oman*. Please obtain your visa directly from the Oman government website, Your Oman visa can only be arranged within 30 days of travel.

*If you are visiting Six Senses Zighy Bay only and entering Musandam from Dubai, you do not require a visa. Instead, we will require your passport details and Six Senses Zighy Bay will arrange your passage into Musandam from Dubai. If you are travelling to Six Senses Zighy from Oman, you will require a visa.

What to pack for Oman holiday 

With Oman weather varying throughout the year we advise you consider the following: 

  • Lightweight summer clothing with sweaters or jackets for the evenings and during the winter months. 
  • Swimwear at the pools and beach only, please cover up and respect the local religion and culture in public places.
  • During the evening most restaurants have a smart casual dress code.

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