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Fun for all the little ones


Family Activities

There’s so much to explore in the Seychelles, so when after you are well rested and fancy venturing beyond the sugar soft sandy beaches, the island holds plenty of fun educational activities for kids to enjoy.

For a real insight into island life, venture round the colourful capital of Mahe, Victoria discovering colonial houses, vibrant markets and a clock tower modelled on London’s Big Ben. Trek through lush tropical jungles and stumble across exotic wildlife, from rare bird species to spotting hawksbill turtles nesting and giant tortoises. If you can drag the kids away from all the exciting wildlife, jump on bikes and enjoy a cycle ride along the quiet trails in La Digue, then hit the calm waters for a perfect introduction to sailing.

But if your kids are little Picasso’s or chefs in the making, many resorts offer inventive kids clubs where children can learn everything from cooking Creole cuisine to trying their hand at local arts and crafts. Maybe you have a little daredevil, watch their eyes light up in wonder as they zip past tunnels and across ravines.

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