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Unearth the secrets of the Seychelles' Islands

“À La Carte” is fine, but we love a good tasting menu every now and then. Every island in the Seychelles has a unique character, so why not indulge yourself and sample more than one?


Island hopping in Seychelles

Island hopping is the only way to fully appreciate the beauty of the Seychelles. From giant tortoises to the giant Coco de Mer nut, from pristine beaches to magnificent coral or granite islands, our booking team have explored every option. With each island in the Seychelles holding its own unique personality and culture, why settle for visiting just one paradise isle when you can embark on an island-hopping adventure and uncover more?

Discover untouched shores, exotic wildlife, spot the pirates’ graves at the nature reserve on Moyenne Island, or sample a fresh green papaya salad at Victoria on the main island - all stories you will love re-telling long after you land back on home soil.

“[Denis Private Island is] the perfect place to relax and disconnect from a busy life & schedule. The beautifully designed chalets with locally hand-made furniture are a pleasure.”

For longer trips, a 30-minute flight will take you to Denis Private Island. The untamed wilderness, powder soft sand, and hand-crafted cabins make you feel like Robinson Crusoe… if he had air-con and a silky soft king size bed. And with limited telephone reception and Wi-Fi you can take a total technology detox and escape the screens for a while.

Visit the second biggest island, Praslin to relax on some of the most idyllic beaches on the Seychelles and the Vallée de Mai National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can spot the native black parrot and the unique Coco de Mer nut. Praslin is surrounded by smaller islands to explore, like La Digue, Curieuse, and St Pierre.

Our expert reservations team have travelled across the Seychelles. We have plenty of sightseeing & excursions for you to try. Why not give us a call and start planning your perfect Seychelles Island hopping holiday.

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Each island in the Seychelles has its own unique beauty.

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