The Seychelles is situated close to the equator which means it has warm temperatures year round.

Holidays in Seychelles


When’s the best time to have a Seychelles Holiday?

With it’s warm tropical climate and temperatures rarely falling below 24C or rising above 32C, you can visit the Seychelles and enjoy sailing and snorkelling all year-round. However, there are certain points throughout the year when conditions are best for spotting wildlife or avoiding high rain seasons.

What are conditions like through the year?

  • December-February – Although high winds and thunderstorms are rare, heavier rain tends to fall mid-December to mid-January, with heavier showers extending from November to February
  • March- October – The Northwest trade winds create calm oceans and warm tropical weather. October is a great time of year for scuba diving, witnessing the bird migration and catching sight of whale sharks and hawksbill turtles nesting.
  • September- May – The Southeast trade winds create choppy seas and drier and cooler weather conditions. But this is a great time to visit to spot nesting of Sooty Terns and enjoy hiking trails.

As worldwide weather becomes more erratic and harder to predict we cannot be held responsible for a disruption to your Seychelles holiday due to bad weather.

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