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Denis Island Private

Land and Water Sports

Denis Island Private

Land and Water Sports

The calm natural lagoon around Denis Island allows for safe swimming in crystal clear turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Snorkelling is a must and around the house reef just metres from the beach there is a fantastic array of tropical marine life and corals. Canoes are also available for the more energetic.

The protected waters and reefs around the island allow for fantastic diving year round and the dive centre is affiliated to PADI. There are 9 coral dive sites with a gradual drop off 5 – 35 metres into the ocean depths. A wide variety of species including turtles, sailfish, tuna, dolphins and rays may be observed on most of the reefs. If you are lucky enough during September- mid November, you might catch sight of whale sharks and majestic manta rays.

A fishing bank  lies close to the island which allows for game, bottom and fly fishing. Half or full day charters can be booked upon request.

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A private island, Denis Island is the ultimate luxury destination.


The 25 cottages and villas on Denis Island are situated on either side of the main house amidst casuarina and coconut trees, each with a private beachfront.

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Denis Island Accommodation

Denis Island offers a range of housing and villas suitable for all families and holidays

Denis Island Restaurants and Bars

Enjoy the beautiful beachfront restaurant on Denis Island as well as a stunning lounge and bar

Denis Island Wellness

Enjoy the spa services available at Denis Island looking out to the Indian Ocean

Denis Island Land and Water Sports

Denis Island offers you the chance to explore both the crystal clear waters and the beautiful greenery that create this stunning location