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Great weather all year round

Looking for answers on the Mauritius weather? Our Mauritius weather guide we hope gives you a good idea of when to travel, although thanks to its sub tropical climate Mauritius is a great all year round destination.

Mauritius Holidays

Weather in Mauritius

With its sub-tropical climate, there really is no ‘best’ time to take your Mauritius holiday because its warm all year round. Average temperatures rarely drop below 24 degrees celsius, rainfall tends to fall in short and sharp showers with the sea temperature remaining warm throughout the year – perfect for a dip in the ocean.

You will find that the busiest times are Christmas, New Year, Easter and the school holidays, to avoid disappointment, we advise you book early if you are looking to visit Mauritius during these periods.

  • January to April – The hottest and most humid time of the year with temperatures in the low 30’s. Rainfall tends to be in heavy and short-lived showers with tail winds from anti-cyclones occurring occasionally around February. These generally last no longer than 3 days and give way to warmer and less humid weather.
  • May to August – ‘Cooler’ months although day time temperatures remain warm at around 25C on average, ideal for children and those who prefer less humid climate. Due to east coast trade winds, the west coast of Mauritius is a couple of degrees warmer than the east.
  • September – December – Traditionally a great time to visit Mauritius, the temperatures are warmer between 27C and 30C and humidity is not at its peak. Mauritius is a fantastic fusion of cultures and religions, most of the religious ceremonies are celebrated during this period, although the hotels put a particular emphasis on Christmas and the western New Year.

As worldwide weather becomes more erratic and harder to predict we cannot be held responsible for a disruption to your Mauritius holiday due to bad weather.

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