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Mauritius honeymoons

There's something magical about a Mauritius honeymoon.


Honeymoons in Mauritius

Mauritius is the definitive honeymoon destination. English doesn’t have a word to describe the stunning colours of the tropical lagoons surrounded by white sand, volcanic hills, and lush forests. The consistently warm weather puts everyone in a great mood – from farmers growing tropical fruits to guests on their first waterskiing attempt.

But you already knew that, didn’t you?
So we won’t bother telling you about the island’s famous octopus salad. There’s probably not much point describing the vivid green tree-lined volcanic hills and stunning waterfalls of the Black River Gorges National Park. And forget about the snorkelling. We’re sure you’ve already heard all about the coral reefs full of tropical fish and turtles.

Instead, we’ll just say that staff at our luxury resorts will cater to your every need. Want to unwind after the big day? Indulge in a massage together in that spa you’ve heard so much about. Your honeymoon will be the perfect romantic retreat, and we’ll make sure every detail is effortless.

“We stayed in Trou Aux Biches for our honeymoon for 9 nights and I can only say that everything was perfect. The room was wonderful and very clean. The hotel staff are very polite and helpful. The beach and the view is amazing.”

With eight hotels and over 60 years of arranging unforgettable Mauritius honeymoons , our expert team are looking forward to helping you plan your dream holiday.

Honeymoons in Mauritius

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